The Nottinghamshire Philatelic Society

General Rules for the Conduct of the Society



1. Title: The Society shall be known as 'The Nottinghamshire Philatelic Society', hereinafter referred to as 'The Society'.

2. Objects: The objects of The Society shall be the study and encouragement of philately in all its aspects and the maintenance of a philatelic library.

3. Administration: The management of The Society shall be vested in a Committee comprising the President, Vice-President, Deputy Vice-President, 2 Secretaries, Treasurer and four Ordinary Members to be elected and to take office at the Annual General Meeting. Five members of the Committee shall form a quorum. Ordinary Members who have served in that capacity only for four consecutive years shall not be eligible for re-election as such for a period of one year. The committee may co-opt any members of The Society to serve on the Committee, should it be deemed necessary. The Committee shall have power to transact any philatelic business not provided for in the rules and to call a special meeting if considered necessary.

4. Membership: All candidates for membership of The Society must apply to the General Secretary forwarding two appropriate references, or alternatively they may be proposed and seconded by Ordinary Members or Honorary Life Members of The Society. The names of the prospective candidates shall be posted at the same meeting that they are proposed and, if approved, they shall be accepted as members at the next meeting of The Society that they attend. Permission from at least one parent or guardian must accompany an application for membership from a person under 18 years of age who, if accepted, shall have no voting powers. One written objection from any member of the Society may exclude a candidate, subject to investigation by the Committee. The Committee shall have the power to withdraw all rights and privileges of membership, for such a period as shall seem fit, from any member whose conduct appears prejudicial to the character, interests or good order of The Society or who acts in defiance of its Constitution and Rules, including those of the Exchange Packet Scheme. Honorary Life Members may be elected at the Annual General Meeting on the grounds of distinguished service to The Society and they shall be entitled to all the privileges of Ordinary Members.

5. Subscriptions: Subscriptions are due each year on 1 January at a level that shall be decided at each Annual General Meeting. There shall be no entrance fee and no voting power for individuals until the subscription is paid and accepted. Any member who has not paid the subscription is ineligible to attend more than three meetings following the due date of such subscription. Unless the subscription is paid within three months of such due date the member shall be posted. In the case of membership resignation, written notice must be given to the General Secretary not later than 31 December. Any member whose subscription for the current year has not been paid prior to the first meeting in the subsequent year shall be disqualified from membership.

6. Meetings: The meetings of The Society are held, where possible, on the first and third Friday evenings of the months of October to April, inclusive, and generally the first Friday in the months of May to September, inclusive, at 7.15pm unless otherwise determined by the Committee, in which case previous notice will be given. The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the third Friday in April. The Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting within fourteen days of the receipt of a requisition in writing signed by no fewer than fifteen members of The Society.

7. Election of the Deputy Vice-President: Any member may propose the election of a member as Deputy Vice-President, provided that notice is given to the General Secretary on, or before, 31 December each year. The Deputy Vice-President shall automatically become Vice-President and the Vice-President shall automatically become President in the ensuing season and each post will be held for one year.If there are two or more candidates for the position of Deputy Vice-President, due notice must be given to all members of The Society before the Annual General Meeting in any year, and a ballot shall be taken at the Annual General Meeting. If no Deputy Vice-President is elected in a given season then in the following season the election process is followed for the positions of both Deputy Vice-President and Vice- President. Members unable to be present may vote by proxy provided that written instructions are received by the General Secretary before the start of the Annual General Meeting. A quorum of 10 members shall be required for the transaction of business at the Annual General Meeting. 

8. Exhibitions, Displays, Auctions and Sales: All philatelic material displayed at The Society meetings or exhibitions, auctions and sales is at the owner’s risk and The Society cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that may occur for any reason. 

9. Winding-up of The Society: The Society may be dissolved by the consent of 75% of the members, who shall have replied to a letter sent by the Committee to all members, proposing the dissolution, such consent being testified by their signature on an instrument of dissolution in a form provided by The Society. If, on the dissolution of The Society, there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, such property shall be disposed of to an organisation or organisations specified in the instrument of dissolution, but no member of The Society shall profit individually from such disposal. 

10. Alteration of the General Rules. No new rules and no alteration of the existing rules may be made without notice being given at a meeting prior to the Annual General Meeting at which any proposals will be considered and decisions taken. Acceptance of the above rules shall be a condition of membership of The Society.

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