The Nottinghamshire Philatelic Society

A Welcome From President Bill Whitaker

(Photo: Mike Siverns)

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website and invite you to come to our meetings at the Society of Artists, Friar Lane, Nottingham. I hope the programme has something of interest for everyone – and maybe some topics that you are not necessarily too familiar with. There are some exceptional displays coming from some very experienced philatelists. The members evenings; I intend to be informal and light-hearted events with topics designed to allow your imagination free rein.
It is twenty years since I was last President of the Society and hope that ‘old’ members, new members and visitors will come along to our meetings and enhance your enjoyment of our fascinating hobby.
Bill Whitaker

Information for Visitors

We welcome visitors to join us at our meetings. The venue is the Society of Artists, 71 Friar Lane, Nottingham. We meet on the upper floor Gallery and you have to use the stairs as there is no lift. The Society of Artists is located on the west side of Maid Marian Way, on the approach road to Nottingham Castle. There is no street parking in Friar Lane and motorists are advised to use street parking outside the Castle, entering via Castle Boulevard east-bound.Street parking is charged at £1 per 30 minutes up until 10pm. Alternatively, there is a multi-storey car park behind the Britannia Hotel in Maid Marian Way (this is an expensive car park). The Park and Ride facilities at Wilkinson Street and The Forest have frequent trams to Old Market Square and there are bus services terminating in Friar Lane.
There is no visitors' fee charged - we invite visitors to sample a few meetings of our Society free of charge - but only members can apply to use the exchange packet scheme.
Prospective members may also like to know that our programme includes displays given by the Society Members, which generally do not require a detailed philatelic knowledge for appreciating the contents.

(Photo: Bryan Button).

Former Presidents: Minou Button (2015-6) and Oswaldo Ponce (2016-7).

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