WORCESTER Spring 2018


Title  Name  Society   Mark   Award 
 From Chile by Aeropostale  Robin Jarman  Redditch 80 Silver-Gilt
 The Brazil Airport Tax Stamp 1933-4  Geoff Bath  Royal Sutton Coldfield 73 Silver
 The Significance of the Brazil ABNC Issues 1906-17  Geoff Bath  Royal Sutton Coldfield 85 Gold
 Worcestershire Postal History of 2d Charged  Chris Jackson  Redditch 87 Gold
 The Special Mail Rates of the Southern Confederacy during the Civil War 1861-5  John Walker  Royal Sutton Coldfield 86 Gold
 Takes from the Chin Hills  Mike Whittaker  Rugby 66 Silver-Bronze
 Japanese Military Postal History  John Walker  Royal Sutton Coldfield  80  Silver-Gilt
 Cactaceae  Robin Jarman  Redditch 79 Silver
 Woodpeckers  Richard Pearson  Royal Sutton Coldfield 68  Silver
 Boys Brigade  Paul Arkinsall  Royal Sutton Coldfield  53  Bronze
 Zululand  Malcolm Hughes  Royal Sutton Coldfield 88 Gold & Best-in-Show
 Money Order Cards of the German States 1865-72  John Barker  Solihull 86 Gold
 USA Bureau Pre-cancels  Michael Chapling  Royal Sutton Coldfield 73   Silver

Banbury: October 28th 2017

Title  Name  Mark   Award 
 Zeppelin to Austria, 1929, 1930, 1931  Brian Hyner 76 Silver
 The development of air mail in Persia, 1924 – 29  Terry Hare-Walker 70 Silver
 Jozef Pilsudski and the Supreme National Committee (NKN)  Keith Law 75 Silver
 The following two entries were disqualified from the Open Class as there was insufficient philatelic material.   However the judges decided to mark the exhibits with the parameters of the Picture Post Card Class.      
 Worcestershire Yeomanry – the Redditch connection  Chris Jackson (89) (Gold)
 Captain William Leefe Robinson, V.C – Giant killer  Brian Hyner (85) (Gold)
 After discussion at the MPF Convention on 28th October 2017 it was agreed that 
 future MPF competitions will include a Postcard Class.
 The use of Confederate flag patriotic covers during the American Civil  War, 1861-1865  John Walker 81 Silver-Gilt
 The 1815 Ship Letter Act –  maritime mail between India and Great Britain  Terry Hare-Walker 80 Silver-Gilt
 Mail of the British Post Offices, Constantinople, 1857 – 1901  Malcolm Hughes 75 Silver
 Cachets used to direct pre-stamp Gibraltar mail  Brian Hyner 74 Silver
 Free franks to the Northampton area, 1755- 1827  Paul Bradshaw 63 Silver-Bronze
 Amazon Parrots and Macaws  Richard C Pearson 58 Bronze
 Formula 1  Michael Chaplin 53 Bronze
 Germany lettercards (first series, 1897-1899)  John H Barker 82 Silver-Gilt and Best-in-Show
 Egypt: the pictorial De La Rues  John Davis 74 Silver 
 Local issues 1918 – 1919 – GRODNO  Keith Law 73  Silver
 Royal Mail Horizon labels; the great source of modern postal history  Valery Izyurov 60 Silver-Bronze